RNC Architect

Dear Valuable Clients,

We are a fast growing Design & Build company in Jakarta, Indonesia. Established since November 2012 we are now trusted to team up with many client for multiple purposes, from Corporate to Residential.

With our expertise and experiences in Design & Build, you will find us obsessing in over the best way to satisfy your high expectation to create an signature environment for your premises

We shall be pleased to be able to assist you with below scope of work:
 Interior Design
 Interior Contractor
 Project Management
 Property Occupier Consultancy
 Facilities Provision Consultancy

To become a respectful and considerable company in the industry by 2017.

We committed to serve our best to achieve client’s expectation and be the solution of their issues by consistently implementing our core values.

We are reliable in our integrity, honesty, fairness and sincerity in serves with our partners, customers and society.

We committed to delivering our best by continually improving our quality to provide an excellent design and services.

As the part of community, we committed to respect others diversity and maintaining a good social behavior by synergizing our ideas and the views of each other in a positive manners.